PSA Category

 PSA Spot or Campaign

  • Enter a PSA spot and/or campaign, originally produced by an agency, production company, radio station or advertiser.
  • A spot will be judged on its overall creative excellence in delivering the main message. Campaigns will be judged on the overall creative excellence of the all the spots in the campaign delivering the main message.
  • Work can be in English or Spanish. For Spanish Language entries, submit a side-by-side translation of each radio spot included in your entry, and for any printed or visual copy that is in Spanish; if you submit a campaign, include a side-by-side translation for each spot within the campaign
  • Work was broadcast on-air or digitally in the 15 months between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017.
  • Submit two to three spots for a campaign.
  • Submit entries in .wav or mp3 format, no slate, with one or two seconds between each spot if it is a campaign.
  • Individual spots can be entered from a campaign, along with the campaign, as separate entries within this category.